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  • Yvette Herrell

Torres Small Vote FOR Impeachment WRONG

Even before President Trump took the oath of office, Democrats have been trying to sabotage his presidency with the ultimate goal of overturning the will of the American people and removing him from office.

First it was the Russia narrative. Democrats successfully convinced the media and millions of Americans that Donald Trump collaborated with Russia to steal the election. Many Democrats went so far as to spread wildly irresponsible propaganda that our President was actually a Russian asset. But as we all know, the Special Counsel Investigation spent months - and tens of millions in taxpayer dollars - and failed to find a single piece of evidence of any collusion between President Trump and Russia.

After their Russia fantasy collapsed, the Democrats needed a new excuse to pursue their impeachment agenda. After all, they know the voters are primed to re-elect President Trump to a second term. Enter the President’s phone call with Ukraine: an anonymous “whistleblower” (who didn’t hear the conversation) filed a complaint alleging a quid pro quo by the President. In response, President Trump publicly released the transcript of the call, which clearly showed no corruption whatsoever, instead a simple and appropriate request for Ukraine to investigate potential corruption in their country.

But it was enough for the Democrats to launch their long-awaited impeachment inquiry. Our Representative, Xochitl Torres Small, voted for the inquiry after waiting until the last minute to make her position known. In her statement on that vote, she promised a “transparent, bipartisan process” focused on finding the truth. Of course, we all saw firsthand that the House inquiry that followed was anything but bipartisan or transparent. Democrats like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler didn’t allow a single Republican witness and failed to garner a single Republican vote for their charade.

Given that highly partisan, orchestrated process, it would follow that Rep. Torres Small would stick to her original statement and decline to support actually impeaching President Trump. Sadly, this week she caved to her bosses in Washington, D.C. and announced she would in fact vote to impeach. Fittingly missing from Torres Small’s newest statement was any mention of bipartisanship or transparency. At least she’s finally being honest about her real priority: overturning the results of the 2016 election and removing President Trump from office.

Torres Small promised to be a bipartisan voice for our district who would be willing to work with anyone - including President Trump - to achieve results for New Mexico and our country as a whole. Sadly, her crusade to remove President Trump reveals that was simply political doublespeak, carefully calculated to win votes. Voters in the Second District now see her true, hyper partisan colors and should vote to remove her (the right way, through an election) in 2020.

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